Facilities Engineer
PortlandOregon Contract/CTH May 21, 2024
Flux Resources is seeking a Facilities Engineer/Operator to join one of our clients in the Portland area. This is a contract assignment that will last 6 months to a year and pays in the $65-70/hr range. 

Desired experience: The ideal candidate will have experience with the category 1 job areas and the category 2 working knowledge areas listed below:

Category 1 job experience areas:
  • Petrochemical process operation or construction and commissioning of similar projects
  • Oil and gas refinery process operation or construction and commissioning of similar projects
  • Wastewater treatment plant operation or construction and commissioning of similar projects

Category 2 working knowledge areas as an operator of facilities or constructor of similar facilities involving:
  • Compressed flammable gases (such as methane or digester gas)
  • Motorized gas compression equipment
  • High pressure gas vessels, process piping and piping components (including but not limited to valves, pressure control valves, pressure relief devices, etc.)
  • Non-compressible fluid pumping and piping systems
  • Automated process controls and human-machine interface (HMI) panels

Description of Assignment: The selected candidate will be assigned as the lead operator of a Renewable Natural Gas Facility (RNGF). The Lead RNGF Operator’s duties and responsibilities include:
  1. Daily Rounds
    1. Condensate management
    2. Oil management (topping off equipment oil reservoirs and removing and collection of spent oil)
    3. Inspection (gas detection using personal gas monitoring devices, abnormal equipment sounds or vibrations, listening for leaks, et)
    4. Track, record, and communicate dynamic automated process variables through observation of various process Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens.
  2. RNGF critical coordination and process documentation requirements
    1. Communicate with various inhouse and outside vendor provided skilled personnel to achieve consistent and continuous process operation, minimizing equipment down-time to the greatest extent possible without compromising safety and/or causing additional risk of injury and/or equipment damage
    2. Safety:
      1. Review safety plans, protocols and policies, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
      2. Develop and apply knowledge of personal protective devices including but not limited to hardhats, reflective high-visibility vests and jackets, eye protection, use of eye washes, gloves, personal gas monitors, flame retardant clothing, hearing protection, etc.
      3. Lead the development of new SOPs
      4. Learn and lead preparation of Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) of mechanical systems in coordination with in-house and/or contracted electricians, instrumentation technicians, and millwrights, depressurize and purge gas piping and equipment with and repairs as required
  3. RNGF unplanned shutdown and restart management:
    1. Manage unexpected shutdowns and process trips, and endeavor to restart the RNGF in coordination with inhouse BES skilled labor and with remote and/or on-site equipment vendor representatives.
    2. Coordinate with BES staff to generate work orders
  4. Track and communicate equipment maintenance requirements:
    1. Coordinate with BES staff to generate work orders
    2. Review equipment Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals Identify Preventative Maintenance frequencies
    3. Track runtime hours to communicate ensure when PMs are needed. of equipment in accordance with equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Record keeping - Maintain electronic and hard copy data and transaction records to support reporting requirements as required 
  6. Daily and weekly staff meetings – Attend and report out to daily and weekly staff meetings as required